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Fast Facts

  • Deployed a Course and Student Management solution remotely in 6 weeks during COVID-19 isolation restrictions  

  • The centralised platform to manage student data and course information has improved inefficiencies and reduced data errors  

  • Data entry process for new students reduced from 1 hour to 2 minutes  


ACT Recovery College is a program led by the Mental Health Community Coalition and funded by the ACT Government.  The ACT Recovery College is run by a small, but dedicated team who manage all aspects of its operations. When the organisation reached out to Veritec we were proud to offer our consulting services pro-bono to help them to address some of their technology challenges.  

A focus within Veritec’s corporate strategy is to ‘give back to positively impact our community’. So, it’s no surprise that we leapt at the opportunity to help out a local organisation whose work positively impacts Canberrans living with mental health challenges. We delivered this project for ACT Recovery College pro-bono as part of our Corporate Citizenship program.  


Like many small not-for-profit organisations, the ACT Recovery College has a small team who relied on old, manual processes to manage day-to-day operations. They previously managed their student database via paper-based forms and excel spreadsheets, which was not only inefficient but was also prone to error.  

As student numbers grew above 240 there was a need to address a number of challenges including:  

  • Multiple sources of information and no centralised way to manage their databases and update student information  

  • No single view of the student – which meant it was difficult to manage what courses they had completed and what value was being provided to them  

  • New student application process was slow and manual with students initially filling out a paper form and then an online form which staff then entered in an excel spreadsheet and word documents to get specific information to educators. 

  • No way to engage with students effectively – it was an onerous process to pull student details to send any form of communication to them  

  • No scalable course management platform that easily enabled courses to be removed, added, or changed. 


The Veritec project team focused on delivering a Course Management application within the Microsoft Power Platform. We automated the initial intake system, making the data entry process much easier and more efficient. 

The Solution we built aims to:  

  • Allow staff the ability to effectively manage student, educator, course, and enrolment information all in one place 

  • Improve inefficiencies within the current student intake system 

  • Make it easier to gather key information for reporting 

The Veritec team worked through a short engagement timeline building the environment, deploying the solution, and configuring it to integrate with existing systems within two weeks.  

We are particularly proud that not only were we able to turn this entire project around in a short 6-week time scale, but we also managed to deliver it remotely due to COVID-19 isolation restrictions. Veritec are now working on developing further capability, including building a portal for students to log into to track their course progress.  

“We cannot speak highly enough of the team at Veritec who have been involved all aspects from concept creation to the delivery of this project. They really took the time to understand our challenges and then provided a recommendation that would address those and do so much more.  

We could not be happier with the work Veritec has delivered for us and are exceptionally grateful to them for volunteering their time and expertise to make this all possible in such a short amount of time.”  

Kylie Brewer – Office Admin and Student Support Officer, ACT Recovery College 

Outcomes achieved

  • The scalable Course Management system allows ACT Recovery College employees to easily add/manage courses and their classes 

  • The ability to effectively manage student, educator, course, and enrolment information all in one place – a single source of truth for all their data, removing room for errors   

  • The automated processes have drastically reduced the time taken for a new student to be added to the system from one hour per student to two minutes  

  • A simple and efficient way to engage with students resulting from the templates we uploaded to a single location so emails can be sent directly from the system  

  •  A customised dashboard that Recovery College staff can use for reporting 

Technologies used

We were able to leverage our deep expertise in creating CRM platforms and Microsoft Forms, built on Microsoft’s Power Platform, to provide a recommendation to ACT Recovery College. 

  • The customer already used Office 365 which meant we were able to easily integrate their existing tools (outlook, excel, word, forms etc.) with newer solutions from the Microsoft technology stack 

  • Power Platform Common Data Service – we built the solution as a Power App using Power Automate and Model Driven Apps  

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