Key takeaways from MILCIS 2020

Tony Nazor our Defence and National Security Account Director talks about the key takeaways from the virtual MILCIS Conference 2020.

MilCIS is quite unique as the only Australian conference that focuses strategically on the crucial technologies, products, systems, and services associated with military communications and information systems.

It provides a valuable opportunity by facilitating a continuing dialogue between Defence employees, contractors, industry, and researchers to discuss current and developing technological capabilities, project initiatives, and operational requirements.

This year, for the first time ever MILCIS is completely virtual for all participants with the MilCIS Expo and Conference running completely online.  Chief Information Officer Steve Pearson gave his annual update to industry as a keynote, you can read some of his key points here.

My key takeaway from attending the conference this week was that Defence, more so than ever before, needs the absolute best from Industry both in delivering capability as well as latest adaptable Innovation to meet its ever-evolving mission.


Some other points that stood out to me from the sessions were:

  • There is an increased threat posture as witnessed through Terrorism, Global Pandemics, and International Cyber intrusion necessitates investment from Government both in the short and long term.
  • The Pandemic has driven home in real time how Reliable Mobility is now the new way to work.
  • Machine Learning, Automation, Digital Twins are just some examples of Technology presented with live uses cases highlighted.
  • The EBC continues to develop the CIOG Cloud Strategy which will dovetail into the new ICT strategy to be released early 2021.
  • CIOG detailed Project VERA as providing real benefit delivered in 11 weeks.
  • ERP program to be the Cornerstone of the Major Corporate system both to the Department and the Military.
  • The EIM project is critical as Data is the new Natural Resource.

This was the first time I have attended a conference of this scale from the comfort of my desk. And while I must admit I missed the conference floor conversations that usually transpire, I must commend the organisers for pulling off the event via a virtual platform. Congratulations to all involved in arranging a highly successful conference and expo that has allowed people the opportunity to network and remain up to date with various initiatives, projects, and industry developments. The Veritec team look forward to continuing to work with various Defence teams to drive forward some of their ITC strategies and projects.