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Controlling your information is essential to any organisation. As traditional structures – such as workhours and central locations – are reshaped to embrace flexible work practices, support networks are increasingly challenged to deliver the right tools to maximise this new paradigm. 

What’s now needed is the ability to manage people, software, data and devices as part of a one-stop-shop. This presents challenges for organisations that have traditionally built their ICT infrastructure around on-prem solutions. 

In the age of cloud-computing, the hub-and-spoke model is gone, and the importance of enterprise mobility and security has become crucial. Veritec understands how to deliver a platform that not only meet the challenges of today’s work environment but mitigate expensive upgrades into the future.  

Those that have embraced the new platform are already realising numerous advantages. One in particular has brought efficiencies that were unheard of a decade ago. 

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) offers significant savings by mitigating the need to invest in mobile hardware that requires an upgrade every few years, and allows the parent organisation to offload on-premise infrastructure that is expensive to maintain and replace.  

But there is a different reason for moving to the cloud, and that’s about the way users engage with technology. 

Here’s an example: You only need to quickly look around to see how closely people are attached to their personal mobile devices, however, the need to carry a second device for work purposes in considered an inconvenience. Add to that the fact that leisure applications (Netflix, Spotify, etc) are built to be enjoyed instantly and anywhere, and users have an entirely new expectation as to how digital products should perform. 

To establish a successful BYOD environment, the most important aspect is to be able to work across platforms. As you might expect, Office 365 has been built from the ground up to run on Windows, but is also tailored to iOS, MacOS and Android to deliver users a consistent experience whether in the office or on the road. So now, much like instant access to entertainment, apps like OneNote, OneDrive and SharePoint deliver users a similar experience and access to corporate data across multiple devices. 

While that might sound ideal, for many IT infrastructure and software rollouts there is a concern that the larger and less centralised the system, the more vulnerabilities are presented. While this is an understandable position, a tailored and highly-integrated ICT management system can meet the security challenge while scaling with your short- and long-terms needs. For most organisations, they want to be assured that their data is safe and secure. 

Veritec uses Australian-based data centres with cleared staff to maintain a ‘Protected’ rating from the Australian Signals Directorate to provide assurance to management that the solution for hosted data sources is a secure one. 

Also, Veritec can provide a secure portal to data on an approved Office 365 secured end-point device. This is controlled and managed by the organisation so, if the data is wiped, it’s like it was never there. All of this can be managed remotely, and corporate data and apps can be wiped at any time that the device is on a network, whilst leaving the users personal apps and data untouched. 

The flexibility of the service is also present in the way that devices can still be managed from a central point. A platform like Office 365 allows for users to have their access restricted based on a per-application basis and can also be tailored to the device or app to restrict access dependent upon user, location or a new and sudden risk. The ability to remotely wipe data adds an extra level of security and allows managers to secure their IP if a device is lost or a member of staff leaves the organisation. 

Regardless of the operating environment, we work with CIOs to determine the most effective security parameters for users. With existing Microsoft E3 or E5 licences, Veritec can advise – based on usage rights – how to match the requirements of the organisation for data monitoring across their cloud-based network. 

This can offer a wealth of information on the way that your users are engaging with the platform, and aid in determining further efficiencies. 

And a decentralised workforce needs to use their digital tools in different ways. No matter where staff are located, the right software can be dispatched to their device with timing and precision. As a Microsoft Gold Partner with years of experience with their enterprise offerings, we work CIOs as a partner to recommend right applications for the organisation and build plans for seamless rollout. 

Once cloud migration is completed, we design programs to deliver new software in a way that suits the needs of the organisation. Individuals can be selected as beta testers for a set period, or new products can be released to the entire installed user-base with little interruption to their workflow. 

All of this combines to deliver an efficient and flexible service that crosses the divide between on-premise infrastructure and the cloud.  

With the backing of Microsoft – an organisation that has spent three decades building a reputation in the enterprise space – Office 365 delivers a platform that greatly reduces on-premise costs, removes the need for patching, scales quickly and easily with adjustments to workforce, and has 99.9% availability no matter where in the world the user might be. 

This combination of flexibility and performance can deliver real benefits for your organisation.